Thursday, December 15, 2005

John at A'blog "We Won"

John at A'blog "
We Won"
The Ford Motor Company today released the following letter (below) clarifying that whatever did or did not happen behind closed doors with the American Family Association (AFA) two weeks ago, the company is NOT backing off of its support for the gay community or gay advertising (in contrast to what was reported over the past two weeks).
Rueters: Ford to advertise Jaguar, Land Rover in gay publications

Business Week:
"Ford Affirms Gay Publication Support. No Victory For AFA"
Well, that headline pretty much sums it up.Actually, very interesting tidbit in the story: But the AFA created the perception that Ford had given them what they wanted, which angered several Ford executives--notably CEO Bill Ford.

CNN: Ford will again advertise in gay publications
Ads resume after criticism from gay rights groups


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