Saturday, December 31, 2005

OK, I'm back. Happy New Year!

Sorry, I didn't mean to go this long without posting.
I had planned to visit relatives for the holidays but I hadn't planned on being starved of the net for the duration. I took my laptop with me with the plan that I would sign up for a trial aol membership and get my netfix at night when tying up the phone line wouldn't be a problem. I didn't figure on there being no local access # to any isp other than the local cable company, and they only had dial up for 29.95 a month with a years commitment. WTF? I knew my family lives spread out in rural Ks, Ok, Mo, but I never realized just how bumfukegypt the place really is. 6-8 christian oriented radio stations, 4 music; 1 rock, 1 oldies (50's oldies) and 2 country, and no NPR. Fauxnews was on basic cable but CNN, which no one I met had, was part of their premium channel lineup. msnbc wasn't available at all. That's why 30-40% of the country still supports the president. Half of them don't even have access to real news. The infrastructure is such that they can't have an informed opinion.
IMHO, If you don't have access to any news source left of CNN you shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Though most of my family is from there I grew up as a military brat and have only visited there every few years. Clinton was still the President the last time I was there.
I really was miserable there, for a lot of reasons other than no internet. I have to chalk this up as the lousiest xmas I've ever had. I drove instead of flying because I couldn't get a cheap ticket and it's a 2+ hr drive to to the nearest airport in Tulsa even if I flew. I had relatives to visit spread out over 100 miles or so and rentacars and country roads is not a very good idea, as that's how I found out the hard way that the $10 a day insurance is worth it. 19+ hrs of straight driving, $120 in gas one way. That and I also had a state trooper ask me for my autograph on the way back. Yuk!
Sorry Dorothy, I was literally clicking my heels together hoping to get the hell out of Kansas.
There's no place like home.


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