Monday, January 30, 2006

6 of 8 Most Recent Polls Show Bush's Approval Still in Decline

Can someone please tell the media?

click on pic to enjoy Bush's freefall

As Kos points out...

Boy, that press sure wants to talk about Bush "inching" up in popularity. They can't bring themselves to talk about Bush being "unpopular", as it would violate their very carefully constructed media narrative for the guy.

So we get stories about Bush's rebound, and Chris Matthews waxing poetic about how illegal NSA wiretaps are paying off politically for Bush, etc.

But what's the reality? Here are the most recent polls with their respective trend lines:

[UPDATE] C&L has video

Chris Matthews seems to think that the public is firmly behind Bush over the NSA eavesdropping scandal.

MATTHEWS: Elisabeth, a couple weeks ago the Democrats thought they had the president's number on this NSA spying thing and then Karl Rove came out a week ago and said: "no," this is a big winner. How is the president turning the NSA surveillance question into a winner politically?

ELISABETH BUMILLER, NYT: It took them a while. It took them about a month to get their act together on this

Liberal frickin media my ass!


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