Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abramoff Makes Plea Deal, Will Cooperate

AP: Lobbyist Jack Abramoff will plead guilty to federal charges in Washington and Miami, clearing the way for him to cooperate in a massive government investigation of influence peddling involving members of Congress, lawyers said Tuesday.

As part of the deal, prosecutors filed conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion charges against the embattled lobbyist. The filing outlined lavish gifts and contributions that it said Abramoff gave an unnamed House member, identified elsewhere as Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Administration Committee, in return for Ney's agreement to use his office to aid Abramoff clients...

...Abramoff's cooperation would be a boon to an ongoing Justice Department investigation of congressional corruption, possibly helping prosecutors build criminal cases against up to two-dozen lawmakers of both parties and their staff members... (read on)

CNN has a good article too

Source: Lobbyist to plead guilty to fraud, other charges
Abramoff agrees to cooperate with federal prosecutors

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former high-powered lobbyist Jack Abramoff will plead guilty Tuesday to corruption, fraud and tax evasion charges in a deal with federal prosecutors, a source close to the negotiations told CNN.

Abramoff has reached an agreement that would spare him the maximum 10-year sentence if he cooperates in an ongoing Washington corruption probe, the source said...

Abramoff's cooperation deal could have a wide-reaching effect in Washington.

Ripple effect

Sources told CNN's Ed Henry that the former lobbyist may have thousands of e-mails in which he describes influence-peddling and explains what lawmakers were doing in exchange for the money he was putting into their campaign coffers. The source close to the investigation said investigators are looking at about half a dozen members of Congress.

Sources said Abramoff has been cooperating with the Justice Department for months without any kind of plea deal. He will not be sentenced until his cooperation is complete, the source added. (
Read a summary of the charges -- PDF) ... (this article has lots more)

[Update] Josh has the document online...
Abramoff Plea to Conspiracy, Mail Fraud, and Tax Evasion, January 3, 2006.

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