Saturday, January 28, 2006

Arizona Republican Rep. David Burnell Kicked Out Of Office

What a novel idea! A Republican actually made to follow the rules. Who knew?
AP: An Arizona legislator has been removed from office for overspending during his 2004 primary race, making him the first lawmaker in the country to be ousted for violating a state's public campaign financing system.

After a five-month court battle, the Arizona Supreme Court on Thursday ordered first-term Republican Rep. David Burnell Smith to leave office at midnight.

"I will no longer exercise any duties as a representative," the 64-year-old lawyer said Friday.

Under Arizona's 1998 Clean Elections Law, candidates who voluntarily participate must collect a set number of $5 contributions from voters to qualify for public funding. In return, they must adhere to certain spending limits
Hell yeah, now we're getting somewhere. Does your state have clean elections laws?
Head on over to to find out more. :^)


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