Saturday, January 14, 2006


and take your program with you!

International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration - Jan. 20-22 in NYC. Bush indicted at the White House Tuesday!
Join the latest signers of our Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime: Major Owens, 11th Congressional District, D-NY; Niles Eldredge, curator of the Darwin Show at the Museum of Natural History, NYC; Lewis Lapham, former editor, Harper's Magazine; Martin Garbus, NYC
Listen to our PSA's currently running on Air America.
Make your plans now to participate in the State of the Union protests:

TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 8pm EST: In large cities and town squares across the country, we will rally one hour before Bush's address. At 9:00 PM let the world hear us as we symbolically drown out Bush's lies bring your own noise - drums, pots and pans, musical instruments - your voice. Let taxi horns blare and church bells ring, as we bring our own state of the union message: BUSH STEP DOWN! Find a protest in your area.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 11:00 AM, Washington, DC: We will take our demand to the White House. This regime is immoral, dangerous, and criminally indictable. Bush Lied. Bush Spied. Bush Step Down. 2006. 2008. Too late. Turn your outrage into mass political action. Buy a bus ticket now.


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