Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chaos Erupts At Saddam's Trial

I'm pretty sure all hell broke loose after Saddam's council introduced this video as part of Saddam's defense...

Ok, maybe it wasn't the video. lol

Saddam Hussein Removed From Court Room

AP: Saddam Hussein's trial quickly collapsed into chaos after resuming Sunday with one defendant dragged out of court and the defense team walking out in protest. The former Iraqi leader was then ejected after shouting "down with traitors" and "down with America."

The new chief judge in the trial, Raouf Abdel-Rahman, sought to show tough control over the court. He was brought in a shake-up sparked when his predecessor resigned this month after complaints that he was not doing enough to rein in Saddam's frequent courtroom outbursts.

But the stormy session Sunday — the first in a month — will likely increase doubts over the trial's fairness, already raised by the shake-up that brought in Abdel-Rahman.

After a defense lawyer was removed, the entire defense team left in protest as the judge shouted after them, "Any lawyer who walks out will not be allowed back into this courtroom."...


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