Sunday, January 01, 2006

Counting on Diebold

Just how stupid are they in Utah?

Salt Lake City Weekly

The provider of Utah’s new voting machines faces allegations of bad security.

Summit County Commissioner Sally Elliott. “The recount machines aren’t even invented yet and an election is coming upon us. … The state is buying those machines, but they’re not finished yet, not tested.” ...
...Utah is the only state in the country that bought voting machines for counties entirely at state expense. Utah is likely to outgrow the current allotment, but the lieutenant governor’s office hopes to stretch available machines with bills it will sponsor in January’s legislative session to allow counties to schedule early voting and increase the number of voters served per polling place to double the current 3,000-person limit...
So, they are going with a system proven to be unreliable without recount capability and they think allowing early voting, which (DUH!) would necessarily allow more opportunities to manipulate the vote totals, is going to alleviate the problem.
Less machines means more votes per machine.
Early voting means more time to gain access.
No amount of early testing is going to catch a problem that only takes a few seconds for someone to switch a card into a single machine and they can add/subtract as many votes as they want without altering they overall vote totals, so the hack will be undetectable. WTF??!!
They are either insanely politically biased and/or on the take (bribed?) to come to such a decision, or they are way too stupid to hold a position that makes such a decision.


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