Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Death Penalty Is Just Plain Stupid

Ok, besides the fact that "Every major cost study has shown capital punishment to be more expensive than an alternative system where life-imprisonment is the maximum sentence", and besides the fact that "Since 1976, over 100 people have been released from death row based on newly discovered evidence of their innocence - almost 13% of the number executed", this latest story is just sick on the face of it.

Death row elder needed 2 injections
CNN: ...Though legally blind, Allen raised his head to search among execution witnesses for relatives he had invited.

"Hoka hey, it's a good day to die," Allen said in a nod to his Choctaw Indian heritage. "Thank you very much, I love you all. Goodbye."

Having suffered a heart attack back in September, Allen had asked prison authorities to let him die if he went into cardiac arrest before his execution, a request prison officials said they would not honor.

"At no point are we not going to value the sanctity of life," said prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon. "We would resuscitate him," then execute him.

But the barrel-chested prisoner's heart was strong to the end: Doctors had to administer a second shot of potassium chloride to stop it...
The US is the only developed nation to still have the death penalty. It has not ever been shown to be a deterrent to violent crime. There is little doubt that innocent men have been killed needlessly as a result of false guilty verdicts.
Considering all this, why do we have the death penalty at all?
It's just stupid.


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