Monday, January 16, 2006

Gore MLK Day Speech on Constitutional Crisis

[[BUMP Update] Al is on CSPAN now, and he is totally kicking ass! There should be repeats of this on later also.
Ok, Gore just finished. Gore was amazing. It appeared he did the whole thing off the top of his head. He never looked down to the lectern, and he spoke to the crowd. His eyes never fixated on a telepromptor that I could tell. He had me on my feet applauding in my living room. ]

[ Rawstory has the transcript. ]
[ C-Span streaming video here ]
[ Fmr. Vice Pres. Gore Speech on Executive Powers (1/16/2006)]
Rawstory: Former Vice President Al Gore will deliver a scathing speech Monday at Constitution Hall in Washington -- just blocks from the White House -- at which he will declare America is faced with a constitutional crisis...

...A source close to [our real President] related details of Gore's expected speech...

...“We are at a point of constitutional crisis," the aide said, relating how Gore has articulated his speech. "The president who has violated the law is acting above the law. It’s a wakeup call for Congress, the American people and the courts. If we continue down this road we will have a different constitution

This is one I won't miss. Gore still says he is not going to run in 08, but I can't help but hope he's just bluffing. He's topping presidential preference polls, and he keeps giving killer speeches on the failure of the US media and global warming.

Gore totally gets it. Name me one other Democrat who does. (Feingold, ok got me)

If only Gore was our President during Katrina. There is little doubt he would have handled it admirably.

This aint the stiff Gore we knew. Being a college professor has really paid off for him in his oratory skills. Imho, There isn't anyone on this planet who could defeat him in a debate on pertinent issues today.

Gore '08 Damn, I really like the sound of that.

Again, Al Gore Won in 2000


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