Monday, January 02, 2006

An Iraqi Perspective on the Elections

...How can it be??? How could those Iranian mullahs win those votes? Even higher than last january when his excellency grand Shitheadstani himself ordered people to vote for them?

It just doesn't add up. It defies logic and reason. No way Iraqis are such brainwashed fools....

How could the mullahs get 58% of the votes in Baghdad? Last time, when the Sunnis boycotted they got 60%, but millions of Sunnis voted this time and hordes of Shia said they wouldn't vote for the mullahs this time so how could they get the same result? What the fuck happened?

What about the truckloads of ballots that entered from Iran? Where did they end up? How did they get hold of the ballots? Who the hell is running the "Independent" Electoral Commission? Iraqis? Americans or Iranians?...

Is it possible that 555 would get an average of 90% of the votes while they couldn't get 80% the last time?

Are Iraqis that dumb? Those are not the Iraqis I know. The Iraqis I know love beer, sex and loud music. I never knew Iraqis who kiss the mullah's hand and hang out at husseiniyas.

If this is democracy then I spit and shit on democracy.

Congratulations everyone. I congratulate everyone who participated and cheerleaded this farce, including myself.

Now we are stuck with the mullahs for 4 FUCKING YEARS. Who know's what the hell would happen after that. We might as well do away with elections altogether and the Sayyid - may Allah bless him - would just give us his opinion instead of sheeple going to vote under his directions.

Soon we will have Sharia courts. Soon all the girls will covered from head to toe. We might as well cut the bullshit and start calling the army and police by their real names: Badr and Peshmerga.

Longlive Hakeem, Ja'fari and Solagh. Longlive the mullahs. Longlive Iran.

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