Tuesday, January 10, 2006

IRS Caught Spying On Blogs! Why?

IRS Illegally Witholding Tax Data
WTF are they trying to hide?
NYT: Records showing how thoroughly the Internal Revenue Service audits big corporations and the rich, and how much it discounts the additional taxes assessed after audits, are being withheld from the public despite a 1976 court order requiring their disclosure...(more)
[UPDATE] Go figure, seeing as how the IRS was just caught tracking the political affiliations of taxpayers, they would be spying on blogs. What else can you call it when the IRS is searching blogs for references to the IRS.
I go and write the above post on the IRS, and less than an hour later the IRS is visiting my site.

This is a page from my counter's webstats, sitemeter.com

Notice the Referring URL: http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?hl=en&q=IRS

Please do tell me WTF someone is doing at the IRS searching blogs for references to the IRS? Does that sound like something someone who works for the IRS would be doing, sitting there at work, just surfing the net on their own? Please do explain why I'm wrong to assume this is someone's job assignment? Either that or they have some bot program doing it automatically. For what purpose? I'd really like to know.

Don't they have something better to be doing? Is there really any doubt the IRS is just another Big Brother political tool for the chimperor these days?

IRS collects political links of taxpayers

WASHINGTON -- As it tries to hunt down tax scofflaws, the Internal Revenue Service has collected information on the political party affiliations of taxpayers in 20 states, including Michigan...(more)
And it was just yesterday I documented someone at DOJ surfing the comment threads over at Americablog and from there visiting my site.


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