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It's a Republican Scandal. Period.

Allright I've been lax in my posting. Let me do a little catch up.

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Katie Couric repeated the latest mehlwoman talkingpoint, the LIE that Dems took Abramoff $ too, and Howard Dean tried to steer her right. C&L has the video of the exchange.
I'm getting so sick of this shit. Katie, after having first said "Hey, wait a second. Democrats took-Democrats took money from Abramoff too", she tried to weasel her way out of that erroneous claim by saying "Abramoff and his associates" gave Dems money too.

First off, the first statement she made is totally false. Her second is half true. Yes, Abramoff's client tribes did give some of their money to Democrats, but Abramoff did not give a dime to anyone except for Republicans. Nor is there any evidence that I've yet seen that even hints that Abramoff directed any of his client tribes to send any money the dems way. Please do correct me if I'm mistaken, but after reading many many articles on the Abramoff scandal since day 1, I've not seen any evidence of that at all.

Big hat tip to FDL for both the comic and the ogm pic above

Perhaps Deborah Howell, the Washington Post's ombudsman (a misnomer) is privy to such info and she is just keeping it a secret. That might explain her attempt to correct this claim in her January 15 column titled interestingly enough, Getting the Story on Jack Abramoff...

Abramoff was getting 10 to 20 times as much from Indian tribes as they had paid other lobbyists. And he had made substantial campaign contributions to both major parties.
Perhaps she meant 'Getting the story Wrong, on Jack Abramoff'. This set off a firestorm in the blogosphere. So many and so angry were the complaints that she cut herself off from responding to them. What she wrote was totally untrue, and coming from an ombudsman, the person responsible for investigating and resolving complaints and getting the facts straight, this is completely unbelievable. This was her attempt to correct herself in her January 22 column, The Firestorm Over My Column

Nothing in my 50-year career prepared me for the thousands of flaming
e-mails I got last week over my last column, e-mails so abusive and many so
obscene that part of The Post's Web site was shut down.
I wrote that he gave campaign money to both parties and their members of Congress. He didn't. I should have said he directed his client Indian tribes to make campaign contributions to members of Congress from both parties.
OK now this is getting rediculous. The Washington Post needs to share this info that Abramoff directed the client tribes to donate to the Dems if it is true, and if they can't prove so, they need to fire Mrs Howell.

Just because the tribes, tribes who were ripped off by Abramoff donated to dems, doesn't mean that Abramoff directed them to do so. in fact, while I've been unable to find anything even remotely suggesting he did, I have seen plenty of indication that he did not.

like this email from Abramoff to Ralph Reed in the, oh my, Wapo...

Insiders Worked Both Sides of Gaming Issue
E-mails Suggest Men Tried to Exploit Closure of Casino for Huge Fees From Tribe

Washington Post: ...In an e-mail to Reed on Feb. 11, 2002, Abramoff did not mention he had been in contact with the Tiguas. He wrote: "I wish those moronic Tiguas were smarter in their political contributions. I'd love us to get our mitts on that moolah!! Oh well, stupid folks get wiped out."...

There also is no mention I can find of any tit-for-tat golf trips, no free meals in Jack's restaurant, no skybox seats, no interfering and covering up of investigations, no giving cushy jobs to wives, or any of that kind of nonsense between Abramoff and any Dems. Again, please do point out where I may be wrong.

Unless someone knows something I don't, the msm need to get a grip and quit repeating the GOP Bullshit. This is a Republican scandal, and it's only a Republican scandal, Period. There was no dirty money or improper quid pro quos between any dems and Abramoff.

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