Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Orleans Unveils Controversial Rebuilding Plan

This is BS. Somebody go get Kanye.
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - New Orleans officials on Wednesday unveiled a controversial recovery plan giving residents four months to prove they will rebuild in the devastated city before their neighborhoods could be declared off-limits to redevelopment.

The plan calls for a much smaller city, estimating just half of the 500,000 people who lived there before Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29 will return in the next two years...

...For a neighborhood to be ruled viable, half the residents should commit to come back, the commission proposed as a guideline. Until decisions are made, a moratorium will be placed on rebuilding in badly damaged sections such as New Orleans East, the waterfront Lakeview and the poverty-stricken Lower Ninth Ward.

The proposal drew loud "boos" and shouts of anger from residents who crowded a downtown hotel meeting room for its announcement.

"I'm ready to rebuild. I'm not going to let you take everything. I'm ready to fight to get my property together," one man shouted from the back of the room.

Carolyn Parker, a resident of the ruined Lower Ninth, told the panel: "I don't think it's right that you try to take my property.

"Over my dead body," she said. "I didn't die with Katrina."...


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