Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thanks for Nothing Nancy WTF Were You Thinking?

House Democrats appoint ethically-challenged House Democrat to lead ethics reform fight
ACTION ALERT: Contact your House Democratic representative and ask them what the hell is going on. Find your rep here. And feel free to send Ms. Pelosi an email as well.

I kid you not.

The House Democrats this week chose a Democrat, who is being forced to explain his own involvement in a trip related to Jack Abramoff, to be their chief spokesman and strategist running the House Democratic effort to pass ethics reform.

What? Jim Traficant wasn't available?

This is beyond belief...(more)

This is what is wrong not just with the Dems but our whole political system.
Neither party thinks anyone is really paying attention to wtf they are doing. It's all about scratching backs and covering asses. Forget governance. In DC today it's all about public perception. Rather than addressing problems, they try to put a window dressing on every turd and actually think we're not supposed to notice.

It's time for a change, and not just a change from one corrupt party to another. The Dems are in a position to ride the wave of change in the form of landslide elections in 06 across the board, but not if they are going to pull this kind of shit. The Dems need to prove they are the party of change, not the party that isn't as bad as the other. They need to take the moral high ground starting right now and root out any/all improprieties if they exist on their side of the aisle first. Then the slamming of the repukes can begin.

It's only going to take 1 or 2 crooked Dems to fuck everything up. If they exist, kick their asses out first. Don't drag feet until they are found guilty like Duke.
No matter what party they belong to, if their hands are dirty, it's time to go.
It's past time for a real change.


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