Tuesday, January 17, 2006

They're Just Norml People

[Bump] Just because the topic came up again, plus I just really like this clip. Who knew Gingrich was norml?

Click on the pic to learn about "Sam's Journey" NORML

In related news...
NYT: A federal appeals court has upheld a 55-year prison term imposed on a Utah man with no criminal record who was convicted in 2003 of selling several hundred dollars worth of marijuana on three occasions...(more)

But the chimperor keeps telling us that the terrorists hate us for our freedom? I guess I just don't understand the concept of freedom if it doesn't mean being able to do whatever floats one's boat, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody or anything, or reasonably could hurt someone or something other than oneself.
I'm not trying to defend a drug dealer for dealing dope so much, but 55 years?? On a clean record? For weed?

And this comes as the feds are getting more lenient on crackheads.

Pleeeeaze let's get real. People get lesser sentences everyday for violent crimes.
(hat tip to Talk Left)

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