Monday, January 09, 2006

Troubling times, a troubling nominee

USA Today: The confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito will focus greatly on his stated opposition to Roe v. Wade. The obsession with abortion in American politics has had an anaerobic effect on past confirmation hearings, sucking the air out of other issues. For Alito, this may have the welcomed effect of obscuring a more troubling question from his past writings and cases: Alito's extreme views of government authority over citizens' rights....(more)

Enough already if he survives the confirmation hearings the dems have got to filibuster him.

Atrios Says We Fight!

Yglesias says there isn't much reason to fight Alito in the grand scheme of things. I think this is wrong. First, no senator is going to lose an election 11 months from now because they fought to oppose Sammy "Who?"Alito.
Second, one reason to not oppose Alito is the idea that Bush'll just nominate someone just as bad. However, Alito is that bad, as he believes Bush is King, your daughter can be strip searched without a warrant, the uterus is state property, and his enthusiastic embrace of that which we call "lying" demonstrates him to be pretty much an ethics free opportunist (at best). ...(more)

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