Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bush: Don't Worry About Security. We're Not


NY ABC News: President Bush: "And so people don't need to worry about security. ... This deal wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about security for the United States of America."
OK, I suppose we should just chalk that up as yet another Bushism where he didn't mean what he said. We're just supposed to be able to tell what he meant to say. I have a problem with this one more than most of the gazillion others because what he said is very troubling.

At first I was inclined to believe the opposition to the port deal was premature and perhaps overblown, but as we learn more about it, I'm growing more and more against it. Just look at this story from 2004. The UAE Royal family is known by our CIA to have been hanging around with bin Laden. This alone ought to kill the deal IMO.

UAE Royals, bin Laden's Saviours

The Central Intelligence Agency did not target Al Qaeda chief Osama bin laden once as he had the royal family of the United Arab Emirates with him in Afghanistan, the agency's director, George Tenet, told the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States on Thursday.

Had the CIA targeted bin Laden, half the royal family would have been wiped out as well, he said.
As if that wasn't enough, and I venture that it is, there's a whole lot more. Bush has admitted that he didn't even know about the deal until after it was approved by the Whitehouse, but he still threatened to veto any efforts to stop it. If he were to do so, that would be the first veto of his Presidency. It seems that Bush failed to follow the law in even making the deal in the first place.

Video from David Edwards' Blog: Bush Admin. Broke Law on Dubai Deal
Patrick Malloy is an attorney who help write the law that regulates the approval of foreign investments in the United States. He says that the law requires that the President be notified on all foreign investments that pose a national security concern. The law also says that the President must report his findings to Congress where the issue could be debated.
The United Arab Emirates has long-standing ties to the Bush family.

Records show the UAE and one of its sheikhs contributed at least $1 million before 1995 to the Bush Library Foundation, which established the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas. (more)
Video from David Edwards' Blog:
Big Money Ties Between Bush Friends & Family, K-Street Lobbyists and Dubai
This video contains clips from CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight and MSNBC Countdown that focus on the financial concerns that are motivating President Bush to stand firm on the Dubai Ports takeover in the face of extreme public dissent, political pressure and possible national security concerns.
Well, this thing really has blown up in Bush's face. You know it's ban when Rove is on Faux explaining how Bush would accept a slight delay in the deal.
When asked if Bush would accept a slight delay in implementing the takeover of P&O, Rove said: "Yes, look, there are some hurdles, regulatory hurdles, that this still needs to go through on the British side as well that are going to be concluded next week.
Rove backtracking on TV for the President? Stick a fork in it already.


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