Saturday, February 04, 2006

Chris Matthews' Close Ties To Osama

When Matthews began the smearing by saying that anyone whose nose doesn't smell like Bush's sphincter is a bin Laden lover (Obviously I'm paraphrasing) it sure wasn't long before fellow sycophants Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson joined in the swift-boating also.

Any one in the msm who would say or allow such a thing to be said on the air without a correction and formal apology should be fired immediately, especially when instead they continue to lie about it. That goes for their fellow bootlickers in print media too, like WaPo ombudsman (a misnomer) Deborah Howell, who peddle bushista bullshit but refuse to answer any justified criticism. I've begun circulating an email to professors in history and poli-sci depts at dozens of colleges across the US requesting they reconsider whether the NYT and WaPo should be regarded as papers of record anymore. The NYT hides all of their content behind a paywall after a short period of time, that's why I won't link to them if I can help it, and WaPo has become a joke. I'm sure there are other papers more worthy of such an honor bestowed upon them.

Now these pictures have surfaced that expose tweety's close relationship to none other than bin Laden himself. Shocked as I was when I first saw these pics, it makes sense that these fellow scum would be in cahoots with eachother. It's all too clear now why Matthews has been such a good parrot for chimpyco and a Baghdad Bob for Osama for years now while masquerading as a newsman. I'm really not sure which is scum of a lower form. Toadies like Matthews may not directly promote the killing of innocent people, but they are actively working to promote Bush admin policies that do. At least bin Laden and his ilk are honest and up-front about where they stand.

A private dinner together after a screening of Brokeback Mountain.


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