Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Commander-in-Thief Strikes Again

georgia10 at DailyKos has a great post showing how the Commander-in-Thief has sneaked in when the world is distracted by the faux outrage over funeral politics and the latest propaganda du jour, and he has robbed our heroes of what they earned the second they put on a United States uniform. Bush's defense budget proves that there isn't a yellow ribbon big enough to cover the huge, gaping wound that will form as a result of his cuts in troop benefits.

The military's health care program,
TRICARE, supports some 9.2 million beneficiaries. Veterans from wars too soon forgotten depend on the program. From military families who have buried their husbands or wives, to those who dread a call in the middle of the night about those who currently serve, the program is designed to take care of those families--our families. First, Bush's plan would eventually cause some 600,000 retirees to be dropped from the military's healthcare program. Bush's budget also makes across-the-board premium increases to TRICARE retirees under the age of 65. Veterans will see an increase of 41% for single or family coverage within two years; senior enlisted and officer retirees will see increases of up to 204%. By 2009, healthcare premiums for our veterans will TRIPLE. (See PDF of TRICARE fee increases here).

Can our veterans afford it? Bush's budget also gives the military the smallest pay increase since 1994--a paltry 2.2%....

This is just sick. How can Bush, or anyone in his administration live with themselves? These brave soldiers put it all on the line for their country, and their civilian leadership betrays them every chance they get. They deserve so much better.

The GOP has for a long time been able to take the military vote for granted. However, if the number of vets who are running for office are any indication, it appears Bushco may have pissed that away quite possibly for good. The Democrats now have 56 vets running for office in 06, and the Republicans have only a couple. Much credit for this phenominal shift must go to Markos, who has teamed up with Majority Report Radio to feature a Fighting Dem every Tuesday.

Hats off to our vets and all of our brave men and woman who chose to put their lives on the line for our country. May we see every one of our Fighting Dems win the office they seek so that they may never be put in harms way for a pack of lies ever again.


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