Wednesday, February 01, 2006

UK's Galloway Makes CNN's O'Brien Look Like a Complete Idiot

Galloway Vs O'Brien

Brandoland: O'Brien did his best to embarass the eccentric, anti-war British MP, but Galloway did not, uh, co-operate....

Galloway began to criticize the war in Iraq. O'Brien, doing his duty as an "objective CNN reporter," tried to put Galloway in his place:
M. O'BRIEN: Tell me, though, as you talk about this, how much credibility you think you have right now.

Let me share with our viewers a picture of you shaking Uday Hussein's hand, one of Saddam Hussein's sons --
CNN would NEVER do this to Rumsfeld, by the way --[But I sure would]

Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein

...who had his own private torture chamber, and there are allegations which sort of cropped up, as a matter of fact, while you were inside the "Big Brother" program location there, that you somehow profited from that infamous Oil-for-Food program marshaled through by the United Nations.

What do you say to all of that?

GALLOWAY: Well, I mean, I'd even shake hands with George W. Bush, and he has his own private torture chambers, too, in Guantanamo Bay and in the third countries to whom he is shipping price whom he has illegal captured so that they can be tortured in other countries.
Hey now.
GALLOWAY: He had one or two torture chambers in Abu Ghraib Prison, and the whole world saw the result, the evil, wicked result of that.

But I'd still shake hands with him, because I believe it's better to talk to people than to go to war with them, and that wars are easier to start than they are to finish.

And your viewers will be well familiar --

M. O'BRIEN: Do you think Iraq would be better off --

GALLOWAY: I was going to deal with the -- I was going to deal with the other point that you made first, if I may.

M. O'BRIEN: OK, go ahead.

GALLOWAY: Your viewers are well familiar with the false allegations against me about the Oil-for-Food program.

The newspapers which carried those claims have now paid out millions, almost three million pounds -- that's almost $6 million to me -- in damages and costs for the false allegations that they made against me.

So Saddam Hussein never gave me any money.

But the newspaper, including American newspapers which claimed he did, have given me plenty.
Needless to say, O'Brien eased off at this point...(more)

Our Dems sure could learn a few things from Galloway about showing some spine and countering sycophant conservative corporate media asshats at every opportunity.


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