Monday, March 06, 2006

Bolton Threatens To Bomb Iran

Bolton says nuclear plant can be 'taken out'
The Guardian: The US ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, has told British MPs that military action could bring Iran's nuclear programme to a halt if all diplomatic efforts fail. The warning came ahead of a meeting today of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which will forward a report on Iran's nuclear activities to the UN security council.

The council will have to decide whether to impose sanctions, an issue that could split the international community as policy towards Iraq did before the invasion. (...)

[Bolton:] "They must know everything is on the table and they must understand what that means. We can hit different points along the line. You only have to take out one part of their nuclear operation to take the whole thing down."

It is unusual for an administration official to go into detail about possible military action against Iran. To produce significant amounts of enriched uranium, Iran would have to set up a self-sustaining cycle of processes. Mr Bolton appeared to be suggesting that cycle could be hit at its most vulnerable point.

The CIA appears to be the most sceptical about a military solution and shares the state department's position, say British MPs, in suggesting gradually stepping up pressure on the Iranians.

Bolton is a true nutcase. To truly understand where Bolton is coming from, and just how crazy he is, it might help to know that he was a director for PNAC when they authored the very controvertial 90pg neocon manifesto Rebuilding America's Defenses (pdf).

"Rebuilding America's Defenses – A Summary" Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

Iran Promises Harsh Response to Foreign Attack

Iran vowed today to be a "killing field" for any attackers after the United States warned of "painful consequences" if it failed to curb its atomic plans..(more)
Iran Is Prepared To Retaliate, Experts Warn
Boston Globe: Iran is prepared to launch attacks using long-range missiles, secret commando units, and terrorist allies planted around the globe in retaliation for any strike on the country's nuclear facilities, according to new US intelligence assessments and military specialists.

US and Israeli officials have not ruled out military action against Iran if diplomacy fails to thwart its nuclear ambitions. Among the options are airstrikes on suspected nuclear installations or covert action to sabotage the Iranian program.

But military and intelligence analysts warn that Iran -- which a recent US intelligence report described as ''more confident and assertive" than it has been since the early days of the 1979 Islamic revolution -- could unleash reprisals across the region, and perhaps even inside the United States, if the hard-line regime came under attack


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