Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Dirt on Dirk

I've got 'Big Love' Earlier this month, Dept of the Interior head Gale Norton resigned "amid an investigation of a former Interior aide concerning how much influence disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff had over the department's Indian casino decisions."

President Bush then "selected someone wtih an incredibly dismal environmental record" to replace her: Idaho Gov Dirk Kempthorne. You may remember the scandal back in 2003 over his use of a corporate campaign contribution loophole for loads of extra perks, and/or perhaps you remember how last year he bounced a $111 in checks to a hair salon. (WTF?!? Not about the check so much, well yeah that is pretty bad in itself, but $111 on that head? OMG!)

Well, Wonkette has some interesting new info to add to the mix:
Turns out, this new Dirk Kempthorne has:
* Illegitmate son
* Longtime mistress/aide
* Sham marriage
I guess Bush's belief in family values doesn't extend to who he appoints to his cabinet. Either that or it's like his belief in the "culture of life," just a bunch of bullshit.


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