Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Does Big Brother Visit Your Blog?

As I've written about before, I've had someone at the IRS visiting my site within an hour of my posting about them, and I've had someone in Rumsfeld's office, OSD.MIL, The "Office of the Secretary of Defense", come check out a post, The War on Jounalists, which covered many of the unusual circumstances surrounding the deaths of more journalists in Iraq already than were killed during all 22 years of war in Vietnam.

Well, now here's a site,, that's getting visits, and even comments from someone at DCIDC.CIFA.MIL, DoD’s “Counter-Intelligence Field Activity” division, following a post that mentioned them. Also, CIFA has been visiting the Gen JC Christian for quite some time now.

Sure, maybe it's all just innocent blog surfing going on, or maybe it's not. This govt has been caught spying on anti-war groups, so it should be no surprise they would be checking into what bloggers might be saying. They have already admitted to running cyber war trials to counter the threat posed by bloggers. That's right, the Pentagon has admitted it sees the blogs as a threat. So it's really not too far fetched that they would be keeping an eye on which blogs they deem to be worthy of attacking.

Do you know who's reading your blog? Or why?

Could just bitching about the war or the Bush admin get your name added to the 200,000 names already in the US Terror Database? 200,000?!?! Seriously.

[Update] More on CIFA in today's news here.


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