Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Firedoglake Has a New Site

I heart Jane & Redd er, Christy firedoglake.blogspot.com has morphed into firedoglake.com. I guess it's still in a beta mode of sorts, but it's definitely up and running & I really like it. There is one thing I noticed though. ReddHedd is missing and there's this Christy Hardin Smith person who is posting instead. Hmmmm? lol

Jane's an accomplished writer and producer and Redd Christy is an attorney. Together they are 2 of my favorite critical thinkers who are really great at breaking down the days news and they don't mince words doing it. That and their commenting community is excellent IMO at separating fact from fiction and chasing down the links to back it up. Jane and Redd Christy are active participants on the threads and they all help sift through the daily dirt together.

Those are just a few things that make FDL one of my favorite blogs, and I hope they can keep it that way as their site continues to grow.

And if you're not already an FDL regular, please do check them out.


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