Thursday, March 09, 2006

Josh: Is Brent Wilkes Too Big To Go Down?

Wilkes played a major role in the bribery scandal that forced Duke Cunningham from office in 2005. Josh Marshall has been on top of this guy for some time, but even he has reservations on whether his doings will result in any penalties for him.
Now, whatever else Wilkes was, he was deep into all sorts of highly classified CIA and other intel agency programs -- and don't be surprised if not just as a 'contractor'. There are even telling signs he may have been involved in some of the administration's more creative domestic intelligence activities.

If he's indicted, what might he threaten to reveal? More prosaically, what might his lawyer say he needs to bring into open court in order to be able to defend himself
Now Josh is linking to an article in Roll Call (subs req) that ...
... reveals that as far back as 2000 the Defense Criminal Investigative Service was investigating Wilkes. In fact, they went so far as to conclude he had probably committed a crime and referred his case to the Justice Department for prosecution.

The US Attorney in San Diego declined to pursue the case. Why, we don't know.

Now, there are a couple different issues in play here. On the one hand, obviously if they had tagged Wilkes back in 2000 the taxpayers would have saved a lot of money and we would have avoided one of the biggest corruption scandals in years. But I suspect there may be more in play here.

People in the defense and intel world knew Brent Wilkes was dirty. But in the years since 2000 he just went from success to success, bagging millions on dollars in contracts. Keep an eye an out for the possibility that Wilkes may not have been getting a lot of these edgy spook contracts in spite of the fact that he was dirty, but because of it.

Too big to go down? I sure as hell hope not. We need to keep the heat on this guy so he doesn't try to slip through the cracks.

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