Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Swindling of the Religious Right, Comes To Light

The DCCC's Stakeholder has an excellent exposé on Ralph Reed, and how Pat Robertson's right hand man is fast becoming an "albatross for the GOP."

Reed Fulfilling the Prophecy?

Also, Rusty the Radical Georgia Moderate stumbled onto Ralph Reed's campaign email server and found it wide open for anyone to browse through. Nothing incriminating there, mind you, but I agree with Rusty that it shows a high degree of incompetence that all those people’s personal information was in the open, unprotected.

And still more, while scouring for the latest on Reed or any other crooked con men of the Religious Right, I found an interesting article in the print edition of the Washington Monthly that isn't available online. [Update] It is online...

Deviously Ineffective
Ralph Reed has a long history of corruption--and of losing.
by Ed Kilgore

Slate has this to say about it:

It paints Ralph Reed, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Georgia and former director of the Christian Coalition, as a calculating weasel. Reed seems to have alienated potential supporters by engineering insulting electoral campaigns and associating with Jack Abramoff. "Reed's fundraising has declined, national GOP figures are no longer embracing him, and a smell of death is beginning to envelop his campaign,"
and I noticed this cover story, that is online, while I was there...

When Would Jesus Bolt?
Meet Randy Brinson, the advance guard of evangelicals leaving the GOP.

(...) Big business v. believers

The newly converted are the most zealous, sharing the good news with gusto to any and all comers. Every few days, Randy Brinson calls me with another revelation. Republicans? “The power structure in the Republican Party is too entrenched with big business. It's not with evangelicals—they're a means to an end.” The Christian Right? “They just want to keep the culture war going because it raises a lot of money for them.” Abramoff? “Evangelicals were being used as pawns to promote a big money agenda.” His fellow evangelicals? “Can't they see that Republicans are just pandering to them??” He once was blind, but now he sees.

What sets Brinson apart from other disgruntled evangelicals is that he has an infrastructure at his disposal. Although Redeem the Vote is still engaged in voter registration activities, Brinson has expanded its mission, branching out into issue advocacy and using the organizational capability developed during the campaign to mobilize evangelicals at a moment's notice. (...)

Giving Karl Rove heartburn

Like an abusive boyfriend, Republicans keep moderate evangelicals in the coalition by alternating between painting their options as bleak and wooing them with sweet talk. You can't leave me—where are you going to go? To them? They think you're stupid, they hate religion. Besides, you know I love you—I'm a compassionate conservative. The tactic works as long as evangelicals don't call the GOP's bluff and as long as Democrats are viewed as hostile to religion.

Randy Brinson is proof that some evangelicals are willing to take their chances and cross over to see what Democrats have to offer. There is a growing recognition among mainstream Democrats and the once-quiescent Religious Left that they can reframe issues they care about in terms that appeal to religious voters.

I believe I'm in the mood for an HALLELUJAH!

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