Thursday, March 16, 2006

This Is The Big GOP Ethics Reform?!?

This makes it ok how?
They have proposed to ban privately funded travel for House members, at least through the end of the year, and to require lobbyists to disclose the gifts they make to lawmakers. OMG That's it? That's their idea of reform how?

Oh but that aint all, here's the kicker. To get some retribution, because Republicans strategists have expressed concern about the efforts by Soros and others to boost Democratic prospects in the congressional midterm elections, they are going to limite contributions from individuals to 527 groups like to no more than $30,000.

So that's the GOP's idea of Congressional ethics reform in the wake of the unwravelling scandal after scandal; Cunningham-Wilkes-Wade bribes for earmarks arrangement, Delay's house of scandal down in TX, and Abramoff, frickin Jack Abramoff, who was working the House GOP like handpuppets so he could bilk people out of more and more money?

So now the lobbyists have to report the gifts to congress and Reps give up free flights until after the November elections, and in return they are using this opportunity to go after Soros.



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