Saturday, March 11, 2006

Top Bush Admin Officials Leave Midst Scandals

Last month, Bush's domestic policy advisor, who Bush had previously nominated to be a federal judge, decided to quit his post to spend some more time with his family.
Allen has the "combination of mastery of the law, leadership and
commitment to public service, and unwavering support for the Constitutional
principles that make the United States the envy of the entire world."
Maybe that should have been, wanted to spend more time with his family before he goes to jail for petty thievery? Claude Allen, the former Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, which garnered him a top tier salary alongside Karl Rove and Steven Hadley at more than 160K, has now been charged in a mad "retail theft scheme."
Think Progress: He would buy items, take them out to his car, and return to the store with the receipt. He would select the same items he had just purchased, and then return them for a refund. Allen is known to have conducted approximately 25 of these types of refunds, having the money credited to his credit cards.

Throughout 2005 he obtained refunds for items ranging from clothing, a Bose theater system, stereo equipment, and photo printer to items valued only at $2.50.

WTF?!? I wonder what kind of stuff might be missing around the whitehouse that this guy might have lifted?

What's more, Allen's not the only senior official with apparent ethical misgivings who's recently trying to sneak away from this whitehouse.

Interior Secretary Gale Norton has now decided also to resign to spend more time with her family.

Norton announced Friday that she was leaving as secretary at the end of March, capping five years during which she guided the administration's initiative to open federal lands in the West to more oil and gas drilling, logging, grazing and commercial recreation. (...)

Norton leaves at a time when a major lobbying scandal involving Indian gaming licenses that required her consent looms over her agency, but there has been no indication of possible wrongdoing on her part.
Yeah right! lol! I've heard that one before.

LtoR; Choctaw's outside counsel C. Bryant Rogers, Mississippi
Choctaw Chief Phillip Martin, Gale Norton, (not sure who? anyone know?), and
admitted Crook-Lobbyist Jack Abramoff
Think Progress: Recall, Norton received $50,000 from Jack Abramoff, and Abramoff also funneled more than $500,000 to one of Norton’s former political aides, Italia Federici, to gain access to her department.
Raw Story: Dobson site denies lobbying Norton for Abramoff
In a message posted on his Focus on the Family website, Dr. James Dobson's group has denied lobbying outgoing Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton on behalf of fallen lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

"There is no connection," Dobson's site says flatly.

However, in already public e-mails and letters sent in early 2002 between former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed and Abramoff, Reed insists that he has secured Dobson's support for Abramoff's gaming interest clients in Louisiana, in opposition of allowing competing tribes to expand the state's access to legal gambling

Meanwhile the GOP led Congress doesn't think there's any real reform necessary. The lack of ethics today in DC is staggering, but I guess they just can't see it from DC. Have you ever walked into a house or jumped into someone's car and had a terrible smell hit you (often I find it's an animal thing), that the owner is just acclimated and thus oblivious to? That's just the way it is in DC today.

That's the good thing about voting. It's anonymous. That way we don't have to feel rude when we point out how bad the smell really is. Diebold aside, 06 is shaping up to be historic.


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