Saturday, April 01, 2006

Al Gore 2008?

I know, he says he isn't planning on running, but Gore 08 sure sounds pretty damn good to me.

Al Gore's campaign managers buried this film during the 2000 campaign. I'm not sure why because I think it would have really helped. It's a reality show/home movie of sorts that offers a behind the scenes look at the man who should be our current President. I watched the whole thing and I really, really enjoyed it.

I totally won in 2000
Lately, Al Gore has been delivering one speech after another proving he's got more spine than the rest of the Democratic Party combined, save for maybe Feingold. Gore blasted the failure of today's media, calling it a threat to American democracy, and then gave a fiery MLK day speech where he all but called for outright impeachment of Bush over the NSA wiretapping scandal.

Also, lets not forget either that he personally helped to airlift 270 hospital patients ahead of Katrina on his own dime, and has become one of the leading voices about global warming with a new film that wowed the Sundance Festival.

Al Gore totally gets it.

Al Gore Movie Coming to a Theater Near You

Theater owners had the opportunity for ask Gore questions about his film, "An Inconvenient Truth," a dramatic view of the consequences of global warming. When it premiered in January during the Sundance Film Festival, Gore's film received rave reviews. Theater owners were told that the Gore movie is scheduled to be distributed nationally on May 26 by Paramount Pictures. (more)


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