Monday, April 03, 2006

Feingold Shines on Fox

Feingold 08?Video via Veridictum: Russ Feingold delivers strong rebuttal to every GOP talking point Chris Wallace could throw at him. No matter how deluded Fox's viewers may be, certainly a portion of the audience was able to shake off the koolaid intoxication enough to understand Russ' principled reasoning. In no way did this interview help chimpyco. I'm surprised they even aired it.

Censure? Impeachment? Hell Yeah!This reminds me of the GOP's ad against censure. (Video via C&L)

Or is it actually an ad for censure, because unless they really want the censure proposal to succeed, I don't know wtf they are thinking. The ad begins with a video of some insurgents shooting and blowing something up, then shows Bush blatantly fear mongering, and then shows a few soundbites by Feingold, Gore, Reed, and Durbin. IMO, the Dems come off looking mighty damn good in this ad. In fact, I don't think the Dems have ever came up with a commercial this good. I hope to see it on CNN soon.

[Update] Maybe the GOP really is trying to dump Bush.


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