Tuesday, April 11, 2006

''Has New Media Finally Arrived?''

TPM Muckraker: Abramoff-Scanlon-Reed-the Whitehouse and Election Tampering Phone Jamming

Although certainly a formal attribution would have been better, with a name like Muckraker you must know you're doing something seriously right when CNN is blatently ripping off your site for their story.

I tell you what else, If blogs and blog friendly internet news websites are ever going to rival or surpass the rightwing corporate msm as to where the majority of people will go to get informed, Josh's site: TPM Muckraker, is leading the way. TPMM has been leading the media on this story for weeks now beginning March 23 when they first reported James Tobin's Calls to the White House. This got picked up April 10 by the AP, and its been fairly widely reported as of late.

Well, it looks to get much muckier. TPMM has unearthed a moneytrail that leads back to Abramoff and Scanlon, and hell, Ralph Reed's name is all over it too, and there's going to be more to come from this I'm sure. You heard it from TPM Muckraker first. Let's see if they are going to try and lift TPMM's work without credit this time.


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