Sunday, April 16, 2006

How Did All 3 WTC Buildings Manage to Fall Straight Down?

All 3 WTC buildings fell straight down. How can that have happened? How do vertical steel beams fail so uniformly that they fell straight down? I'm no physicist or engineer but I have welded more than my share of steel. To stand one beam on end and crush it straight down is not even imaginable, much less a few dozen together. It's so frickin hard to fathom how the official version could explain it happening to even one single building, but 3 different times on one day?

WTF is WTC-leaseholder Larry Silverstein talking about when he says in this video they "made the decision to just pull it"? I'd heard quotes of him saying something like that before but this is the first time I actually saw him say it. WTF?

Again, I like to entertain these "conspiracy theories" but I'm not totally convinced what happened at all. I think there's a lot of good questions finally being asked about the "official version" of events on 9-11 that really just need to be adequately answered. Instead, all I hear is an increasingly lame attempt to label the whole issue as too wacky to even address. But that aint going to fly for much longer. At some point someone needs to step up and offer a serious rebuttal if these questions are really without merit.

Blogs and the media need to not be so afraid to just ask these questions, and to seek answers.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth


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