Sunday, April 09, 2006

Joe Wilson Calls for Bush and Cheney to Come Clean

Should he even have too? Whatever happened to restoring honesty and integrity to the oval office?

They leaked lies to smear Joe Wilson, and take us to war, and they went after his wife.C&L: Joe joined George Stephanopoulos this morning to talk about the new Libby court filing that says Scotter was authorized to leak classified information, all to rebut Mr. Wilson.
Daily Kos has Joe's response the the new Washington Post editorial:

Joe Wilson Responds to Washington Post Editorial
"The world awakened this morning to a puzzle of ridiculousness: a Washington Post op/ed that can only be described as a hit piece on Joseph Wilson's "absurdly over-examined visit" (the editorial's words, certainly not mine) to Niger, in which the editorial staff claims there was no effort at the White House to discredit Mr. Wilson ... while its news pages headlined an investigative piece on the front page entitled "A `Concerted Effort' to Discredit Bush Critic." on
Bush and Cheney should resign right now, and both should stand trial for what they did.

They declassified cherrypicked intel, all of which turned out to be wrong, and used it to make the case for war. They also used the false cherrypicked intel to attack Joe Wilson, even going after his wife. All he did was point out the truth.


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