Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom Delay Won't Seek Re-election, Will Resign

Tom Delay MovieDelay is going to cut and run. Schadenfreude!

Why now? Did it have something to do with last Friday's guilty plea by his former Deputy Chief of Staff, Tony Rudy, on a conspiracy charge in connection to the Jack Abramoff case? Rudy is reportedly singing:
Rudy faces up to five years in prison but could receive much less based on the extent of his help with the investigation.
Or did it have to do with any of the other close associates of his that are now convicted felons, or have been implicated in their cases, who are currently playing a high stakes round of Prisoner's Dilemma with the prosecution?

Key DeLay-wired lobbyist Jack Abramoff -- convicted felon.

Michael Scanlon, former DeLay aide and spokesman -- convicted felon. (...)

Ed Buckham, former DeLay Chief of Staff and pastor -- implicated in Rudy's plea, up front costs for lobby shop funded by Abramoff clients, helped funnel Russian oil-KGB money to DeLay, Inc....(more)


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