Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't Fall For The Telco Propaganda

Telcos Seek to Deceive Bloggers with Cartoon

This Ad Is Bullshit!
It's posted on many blogs right now. It's a scam ad, paid for by big Telecommunications Companies like ATT and BellSouth, and it's against net neutrality. Don't let it confuse you.
MyDD: "There is a blogad buy from the Telecom companies on their new negative attack piece on net neutrality. I encourage bloggers who received the ad to link this to this blog post...." (more)
Why Net Neutrality Matters !!

Watch the video,
then sign the petition.
How would the gutting of Network Neutrality affect you?

Google users—Another search engine could pay dominant Internet providers like AT&T to guarantee the competing search engine opens faster than Google on your computer.

Innovators with the "next big idea"—Startups and entrepreneurs will be muscled out of the marketplace by big corporations that pay Internet providers for dominant placing on the Web. The little guy will be left in the "slow lane" with inferior Internet service, unable to compete.

Ipod listeners—A company like Comcast could slow access to iTunes, steering you to a higher-priced music service that it owned.

Political groups—Political organizing could be slowed by a handful of dominant Internet providers who ask advocacy groups to pay "protection money" for their websites and online features to work correctly.

Bloggers—Costs will skyrocket to post and share video and audio clips—silencing citizen journalists and putting more power in the hands of a few corporate-owned media outlets. ...(more)
Save The Internet!


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