Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How About Finishing One Thing Before Starting Another?

As Bushco keeps pushing for another war with Iran, someone needs to remind them that they haven't even finished job 1 in Afghanistan yet. I don't give a rat's ass how many #2's they claim to have gotten, not while Osama, Zawhiri, and Omar are still chilling in a cave somewhere planning and orchestrating more attacks.

NYT: Building on a winter campaign of suicide bombings and assassinations and the knowledge that American troops are leaving, the Taliban appear to be moving their insurgency into a new phase, flooding the rural areas of southern Afghanistan with weapons and men. (...)

The fact that American troops are pulling out of southern Afghanistan in the coming months, and handing matters over to NATO peacekeepers, who have repeatedly stated that they are not going to fight terrorists, has given a lift to the insurgents, and increased the fears of Afghans. ...(more)
Insurgent Violence Flares in Afghanistan

VOA News: Violence continues to escalate in Afghanistan. On Wednesday, a provincial governor escaped an apparent assassination attempt outside his office in the Northeast. A day earlier, suspected Taleban gunmen killed a senior judge outside a mosque in Western Afghanistan.

The latest attacks are fueling concerns that the Taleban has regrouped and is gaining ground throughout the country.

In Southern Afghanistan, officials say many militants no longer bother trying to keep their presence hidden, and openly challenge local authorities.

In the capital, Kabul, NATO officials warn of increased suicide bombings to come, after suspected Taleban insurgents launched four suicide attacks in 48 hours. ...(more)
While we're at it, it's a good time to bring up this video again...

See what's really going on in Afghanistan

Video via David Edwards' blog

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