Saturday, June 10, 2006

The History of Oil

Robert Newman has put together this brilliant show that focuses on oil's role in shaping world history over the last century, and where it's headed. It's "a multimedia experience powered by eco-cyclists". Newman's part comedian, part professor, and what you get is the most informative yet very entertaining show I've ever seen.

I'm linking to it through Nate's site as that's where I found it. Nate also includes another video that I too highly recommend watching: Bill Moyers 1987 PBS documentary "A Secret Government." You'll find that a lot of what Newman is talking about is reinforced by Moyers.

Please watch them both, and pass them on. You can also watch them them both on google video here and here, respectively.

Newman pulls no punches and really knows his shit. I fact-checked my way through the movie and compiled this list of links below according to Newman's show's chapters that I hope helps understand his show a bit better. He's British and this show is in the UK, so there may be a joke or two that you might not get. You'll want to know what ASBO means, and who the painter Salvador Dali and the WWI poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon are.

Instead of embedded links I've left them full to facilitate anyone who might want to cut & paste them elsewhere. I think this video is all that important, and then some. I totally agree with Nate: "I think if America can get it's mind around something like this. If they can finally stand to view the world outside their ridiculous blinders... They'll be ready to start accepting A LOT more and and willing to start learning more about who their government is and how it works."

Amen to that!

Ch 1 Marching to the Drums (1:39)

Marching to the Drums: Eyewitness Accounts of War from the Kabul Massacre to the Siege of Mafeking Ian Knight (Editor)

“The G8 has today endorsed an American Plan to bring Democracy to the Middle East”

Bush democracy plan

G8 Summit 2004

Ch 2 Bringing a Better Democracy (4:39)

Iran- In 1951, Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, "the most popular politician in the country," was elected Prime Minister of Iran. His major election plank was the nationalization of the only oil company operating in Iran at that time – British Petroleum.

The Secret CIA History of the Iran Coup - US National Security Archives

Secrets of History: The CIA in Iran by James Risen

14 `enduring bases' set in Iraq: Long-term military presence planned
Chicago Tribune March 23, 2004

Ch 3 World War One: An Invasion of Iraq (10:15)

Berlin-Baghdad Railway

The Capture of Basra, 5-21 November 1914

Ch 4 Thou Shalt Steal Oil (15:41)

November 20, 1945 - Nuremberg War Crime Trials

Ch 5 The Euro Dollar Invasion of Iraq (21:38)

The War To Save The U.S. Dollar
The Americans could live with Saddam until he started selling oil for euros instead of U.S. dollars.

Iraq nets handsome profit by dumping dollar for euro,12239,896344,00.html

N. Korea bans U.S. dollars

The End of Dollar HegemonyFeb 06 House floor speech by Congressman Ron Paul TX (R)

Iran seeks euro-denominated oil market

Ch 6 Peak Oil (34:34)

THE PARTY'S OVER Oil, War, and the Fate of Industrial Societiesby Richard Heinberg

Peak Oil primer and links

Zinc Air Fuel Cell Technology

Ch 7 Earth’s New Diet: No Oil, No Wheat, No Dairy (39:09)

The Oil We EatFollowing the food chain back to Iraq

Sustainable Table: The Issues: Fossil Fuel and Energy Use

Who Will Feed China?: Wake-Up Call for a Small Planet (Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series) (Paperback)

U.S., Congress, Committee on International Relations, Special Subcommittee on Investigations, Oil Fields as Military Objectives: A Feasibility Study

Note: I'll be taking a haitus from the blog for the next week or so. I hope in that time you'll find time to watch both of these vids, and pass them along.


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