Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sen Pat Roberts (R-KS), Hypocrite:

Wants to Prosecute Leakers (Unless They're Republicans).

''I Luv Republican Traitors''Senate Intelligence Chief Blasts Media Over Leaks

(Reuters) - The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday blasted U.S. media for exposing details of highly secretive intelligence programs and asked the Bush administration for a formal damage assessment.

Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican, asked U.S. intelligence chief John Negroponte to report particularly on any damage to President George W. Bush's domestic spying program and another secret program by the Treasury Department that tracks private bank records.

"Numerous, recent unauthorized disclosures of sensitive intelligence programs have directly threatened important efforts in the war against terrorism," Roberts, a staunch White House ally, said in a letter to Negroponte. ...(more)
Roberts joins in calls from chimpyco and other repuke hypocrites to prosecute the NYT but not the Wall Street Journal or the LA Times for exposing the government's spying on thousands of people's bank records even though all 3 papers' stories came out on the same day.

This is the same asshole who prevented an Ethics Committee investigation into Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) for leaking "

Witnesses leery of testifying while Roberts stays on leak investigation
Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) has refused to recuse himself from the ethics probe.

The witnesses are reluctant to cooperate with the ethics panel because, they said, the FBI’s investigation focused on Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), who at the time was the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, and because Shelby’s former staff director Bill Duhnke and deputy staff director Jim Hensler now serve as Roberts’s top aides on Intelligence. (...)

Roberts’s role on the Ethics Committee may also be compromised by a slip he made during a speech to a group of newspaper editors March 20, 2003, the day after the U.S. strike on Saddam Hussein’s bunker that kicked off the war in Iraq. Roberts told the group that the military used “what we call human intelligence indicat[ing] the location of Saddam Hussein.” Several intelligence experts considered this a serious breach because it revealed “sources and methods” of intelligence collection. ...(more)
Roberts is also the same asshole who has loyally served chimpyco in preventing any oversight of the whitehouse as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Remember phase II?).

Think Progress: Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS): Chairman of the Senate Cover-up Committee


[UPDATE] Now the House Repukes are actually pushing a bill that condemns the NYT (but not the WSJ or the LAT?) for the story. The fact is, and every government ethics class will tell you the same thing, that if the cloak of secrecy is wrongly used to hide government wrongdoing, you have a moral imperative to leak it to the media. The people have a right to know when their government is violating the Constitution. On the other hand, leaking classified information for personal/political gain, like Shelby and Roberts did, or like chimpyco did when they leaked Valerie Plame's identity, is utterly contemptible.



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