Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where's the Love? :^(

Dear Lebanese/Palestinian/Arab/Muslim/Christians - Kids,

Die with love.

Israeli Kids

7-17-06: Israeli girls write messages on artillery shells being fired into Lebanon.

AP: Lebanese PM: 300 Dead During Onslaught

[UPDATE] The Fucked-up Pictures explained
I linked this so you can make up your own mind, but I must say I don't know to believe this update story more than what the pictures apparently show. There are israeli soldiers that let this take place, at least one right there in the picture, and we're supposed to believe from this account that the kids were tricked by foreign journalists for an anti-israeli photo-op. eh, ok maybe? What do you all think?

Rawstory: GRAPHIC: Images of suffering, death on Arab TV after series of Israeli, Hezbollah strikes

Haaretz: IAF targets top Hezbollah figures in Beirut bunker
Two soldiers killed in clash with Hezbollah inside Lebanese territory


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